A Lifetime of Love Summed Up: Sharad’s Priceless Trip to Dubai with His Parents

A Lifetime of Love Summed Up: Sharad’s Priceless Trip to Dubai with His Parents

Ageing is a process, it is the indicator of an hourglass emptying. It hits you the most on that morning when you wake up to back pains and joint aches, greying hair and perhaps, a weekly schedule of taking medicines.

To the person witnessing the process, it hits harder. Watching our parents grow old is a painful journey- from playing with them in the backyard to accompanying them to the bathroom with a walker, there goes the time we could never value. And it is after much long that the realisation sets in…

My parents are ageing, and I can't do anything to stop that. I wish that I could get all those times back when we did not appreciate you enough, those days when I did not speak to you because you scolded me, all those days when I fought with you. I promise, this time it will be different.

And then our entire approach towards our parents changes, we grow softer, more considerate, we value them more and we also tend to try and spend more time with them.

That is how Sharad’s story unfolds…
After touring almost 16 international destinations all by himself, he was adept at arranging everything on his own. But this time he wanted to do something different, he wanted to take his parents with him. He did not wish to spend all the time behind arrangements as he wanted to spend some quality time with them and perhaps, get to know them a bit better after all this time. So, he was looking for a travel company that would handle the arrangements with utmost compassion and support. That is when he came across Thrillophilia.

He was still looking for suggestions when he connected with Aditya from our team, analysing itineraries and destinations, and searching for the best way to keep company with his parents. After a lot of effort, he finally found that one destination that would suit him as well as his parents in the best possible way- DUBAI!

Luxurious, convenient, and magnificent, these adjectives fall short of describing the stunning views of Dubai and its skyline. Apart from that, the destination hosts a variety of attractions that are PERFECT for a family trip and are elderly-friendly as well.

To be honest, he was quite impressed by the way Aditya kept his patience and curated the perfect itinerary for this trip. Sharad received all the details from him over the phone, WhatsApp messages were exchanged to confirm the stays, and finally, he received a mail with the PNR and all required information. It was all set, all he had to do was get the flight tickets and then get the Visa done (which was no hassle for him).

So, on the date of travel, the three of them set out on a journey that was soon to be the most memorable trip of their lives together.

Of love and respect
There comes a time in our lives when we see the same amount of respect and pride in our parents' eyes as they see in ours. That is when the dice roll equal, and the cars run parallel.

Sharad was assigned a point of contact from our operations team named Akansha Digwani. She was in contact with him from Day 0 of the trip. As Sharad’s parents were over 70 years old, she had arranged for wheelchair facilities by communicating with the Airline authorities. After they reached Dubai, their car was waiting right in front of the wheelchair entrance for an easy pick-up.

Sharad realised at that moment that trusting us (fingers crossed) had been a good choice.

There was just one thing bugging him, a hectic travel schedule could make his parents a bit sick. He did not wish to take the risk anymore when he saw that even in the winter season the weather of Dubai was not favouring their health. So he made some small changes in the plan, striking out the taxing activities like camp stays, and including more lenient ones like aquarium visits and cruises. He also upgraded the type of transport from a sedan to a luxury BMW car.

Travelling in old age is tricky, so Sharad and us, we both knew that our arrangement had to be the best to make this trip stand out. Thanks to Akansha, he felt stress-free as he had the entire updated itinerary with him within minutes.

Frolicking around Dubai
Through the trip, travelling to places and exploring the top attractions like the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, the Museum of the Future, and the Mall of the Emirates, Sharad and his parents grew a different bond. They also went for a desert safari ride, which made their relationship much stronger, much more fulfilling, and much more heartwarming.

They had a fun time mimicking the underwater creatures in the zoo, getting almost too frustrated to see the futuristic version of Dubai in the Museum of the Future. Then they had a lovely walk around the Dubai Fountain having blueberry ice cream cones…just like they did in Sharad’s childhood. But times were different now, and it was slowly settling in, in all their minds.

The night that won our hearts
Last night in Dubai, they had planned a dinner in The View at The Palm after watching the sunset from there. The dinner went well, having fun conversations and reflecting on the years gone by…the sushi rolls and lobsters were cleared by the waiter, and they were waiting for the last item of delicious chocolate hazelnut mousse. And all of a sudden, they all went quiet.

They had the dessert in silence, complimenting the service now and then, just to attempt to take their minds off the bombing silence of nostalgia that had already replaced the reminiscence. While returning, Sharad’s father told him ‘I am proud of where we stand now as a family’, and then he saw his mother slightly nod at this statement, expressing her agreement.

Sharad did not have anything to say, he just looked out of the window at the blurring lamp posts passing by…

There is never a conclusion to love for one’s family
The trip ended on a good note, and things went back to normal for all…but the feeling that he felt on the last stay kept on lingering in Sharad’s mind.

When we asked him for his review of the trip, this is all he could say- “thank you for everything”. There was gratitude in his voice.

That was enough for us.