To love and laughter - Ankit surprises his wife with an anniversary trip to Dubai

To love and laughter - Ankit surprises his wife with an anniversary trip to Dubai
Dubai Trip

First anniversaries are always special.

Over each passing month, you can feel the love increasing, your bond growing, and your connection strengthening.

And to mark the date when this journey began, Ankit wanted to surprise his wife with a trip to Dubai.

But little did he know that planning an international trip all alone is not an easy task. As the date of their anniversary came closer, his wife became more excited, and he became more stressed.

To his rescue came Shubham Goswami from Thrillophilia. Ankit was searching for suitable itineraries within his budget so anxiously, that he did not even remember how many places he had reached out to. Thankfully, he was happy with our itinerary and found our prices reasonable, at least better compared to the other tour operators.

Ankit was looking for a responsible tour provider, one who would take accountability if things went wrong, one he could trust. And he found us.

He knew that he could count on us from the time he had his first call with Shubham.

Luck was knocking on the door
It was just a week before the anniversary date and he had all the details in his hands. But suddenly, his wife became a bit sick, and he was about to cancel the tickets.

Then, all of a sudden, he received a notification from us on his phone confirming his travel dates. And he gave it a thought again. “A trip can never do bad to somebody. Probably it will work out for the best, no need to make hasty decisions”.

On the 15th February, the day of their anniversary, he woke up his wife to a hearty bed tea and breakfast platter, underneath which peeked two flight tickets to Dubai.

In his words, “I never saw that kind of a reaction… tears started swelling up in her eyes”. I knew then, this trip was gonna be a blast!

And there they were, flying 40,000 feet above the ground, hands in hands, to the magical land of Dubai.

Turning to the next page of the fairytale
Dubai was in its full flare, the entire city was bustling with tourists, and the famous skyline brought out its most brilliant shine. The couple, thrilled, was looking forward to some exquisite experiences like desert safaris, dhow cruises, and skydiving, along with sightseeing.

Since they had reached Dubai in the evening, and a few hours were still remaining for their anniversary to end, so they decided to go for a lavish dinner at CLAY Dubai, a restaurant overlooking the Arabian Gulf.

Bhupendra, from our operations team, was assigned to be in-charge of arranging this trip, and he informed Ankit that they were about to have a one-of-a-kind experience the next day.

And, indeed it proved to be true! The first highlight of their trip was the desert safari. Riding an ATV bike and exploring oases on camelbacks through expansive deserts, they were quite excited throughout the day. But, like in all fairytales, there came a small inconvenience.

Due to some reason the regular dinner served on the campsite was not up to the mark. So they had to book for the luxury dinner package for which they had to pay extra.

The next part of the journey was about exploring Dubai, and the couple visited the amazing places of Dubai with full energy, never missing a stop. The Dubai Mall, Ferrari World, Dubai Frame for starters, followed by the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo, the famous Burj Khalifa, and Museum of the Future, they covered it all.

The glitch that solved the puzzle
And the last day was kept for a skydiving session, accompanied by a serene dhow cruise in the evening. They had planned a dinner at The Palm as the last touch to the trip.

All went well, until he reached the skydiving spot and he was asked to pay extra for the activity. Baffled, he called Bhupendra again and enquired about the same, he was surprised that such an adversity could befall them.

After explaining about a technical glitch in the system due to which the ticket was not functional, Bhupendra contacted the concerned authorities and got the entry to the activity spot. Although they had to pay extra for the activity, they were ensured that it would be refunded.

Readers, no narration can do justice to this part of the fairytale, so it's better to hear it from them-

“ I have never heard my heart beat so fast, I thought I would cancel the activity, but then we looked at each other, and we both said at the same time, ‘we can do it’. And that was it. We did it! Together! And with the promise of lifelong happiness, we knew at that moment that we could overcome all challenges, together.”

So, in the hope of countless more firsts and limitless love for each other sparkling in their eyes, they went for it.

And they had the adventure of their lifetime…until the next one!

The ups and downs makes the journey interesting
Despite the hurdles, we were able to stand up to his expectations. Ankit and his wife got full refund of the skydiving tickets within a month, after which he contacted Bhupendra especially to thank him for making this dream-like vacation a reality for him and his wife.

No relation survives without taking accountability of correcting the mistakes, and responsibility of never repeating them again. We realise this every day at Thrillophilia, our relationship with our customers are based on trust, just like marriages.

So, with this thought, we pledge to be better, to be more deserving, and to be your travel partner for life!